Wedding Impossible 2024 / A confectionary K-drama that’s just as easy to like as it is to forget


Wedding Impossible has all the hallmarks of your classic romantic Korean drama. Good-looking and likable leads who go on an enemies-to-lovers journey? Check. One is poor and the other is an heir to a big conglomerate? Oh, check. Funny friends, relatable hardships, fairy tale coincidences? Check, check, check. It’s standard to a tee, which is why it’s remarkable that despite all that, it’s still very easy to like. It’s funny enough, nice to look at, and features winsome performances. Jeon Jong-seo (Burning, Ballerina) may have cut her teeth in edgy roles, but here she’s effortlessly charming. And though his situation isn’t explored in depth, making Kim Do-wan a queer main character is a gusty move for a K-drama. If you want to put something on to pass the time pleasantly, Wedding Impossible is a good choice. But if you want something fresher, edgier, and have no patience for nonstop tropes and cliches, you’re better off exploring other entries in the genre.

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