Match Me If You Can (2023) 2023 / A cute story and endearing lead can’t save this offputting and terribly outdated romcom


There are some things to like in this romantic comedy. It’s simple and cute, with Reilly delivering an endearing performance that recalls some of the genre’s best proponents (in many scenes, she seems like she could be the spiritual successor of Zooey Deschanel or Rachel Bloom, adorkable leading ladies with hidden depths). But too many parts of the film are simply outdated and offputting. The central conflict lies in the fact that Kip is “not like other girls” and too nerdy to be attractive, despite the fact that she is conventionally pretty and actually cool. She has a lot of friends, many of whom are POCs, but they have zero interiority and all revolve around her boy problems. If this film were cut and corrected, I could see it becoming a lighthearted filler episode in a romantic sitcom. As it stands, it just seems like a bland and forgettable entry in the genre. 

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