This Fool 2022 / An endearing and laidback half-hour comedy following former gang members as they try to reform for good


This Fool is a half-hour, 10-part series following Julio Lopez (played by co-creator Chris Estrada) a self-proclaimed “punk-ass bitch” and pushover who’s still in the process of learning to stand up for himself. Julio works for a gang rehab center called Hugs Not Thugs, where he also helps his cousin Luis (Frankie Quiñones) get back on his feet. It’s equal parts silly and sweet, but it also reflects the socio-political problems that tend to pervade Julio and Luis’ Southern LA community. References to violence and inequality are as present as they’ll be in stories like these, but they’re injected here with surreal humor, making it an easygoing but meaningful watch. 

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