The Alienist 2018 / An atmospheric and morbid crime mystery tv series full of twists and turns


Adapted from Caleb Carr’s blockbuster crime novel, The Alienist follows a team of amateur investigators in 1896 New York: Daniel Brühl as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, the formidable titular “alienist” who studies the psychology of those alienated from society; Luke Evans as John Moore, a newspaper illustrator; and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard, the first female employee of the New York Police Department. The show’s trio of amateur yet brilliant detectives need to solve crime mysteries involving haunting and gruesome murders, while the dynamic among them is key to the success of their detective work. Compelling characters, dark aesthetics, and an interesting and unconventional plot are some of the characteristics that make The Alienist a fascinating must-watch for crime lovers.

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