Midsommar 2019 / A horror film that might be too twisted for anyone to enjoy


You may have heard about this 2019 critic-favorite from clips like this one of a kid running to flee the movie theater during a screening. “little billy ran the f**k out the door”, the caption reads.

You will want to do the same. Recovering from losing her sister and her parents in a single incident, a young girl goes on a trip to Sweden to observe a ritual within a bizarre commune that occurs every 90 years. This cult’s idea of death and their traditions intersect with the girl’s grief to create unthinkable monstrosities.

Note: while some readers praise the movie for its depiction of anxiety, I highly recommend against watching Midsommar if you suffer from panic attacks.

    Mary Jo

    This movie was stupid ! I watched the whole thing hoping it would get didn't. Horror is my favorite genre and this moving did not fit into this category if you ask me. It was just weird and the nudity scene was used for shock value....the only reason people will remember or talk about this movie. 2 people liked this review.


    Honestly...I’m not sure why this movie is as popular as it is. I thought it was an interesting concept but really just okay. It’s not a movie that I’d even want to watch again, some parts were incredibly boring! I think it honestly relied on “shock factor” to make it more interesting that it really was. I’d still recommend watching it to have in your repertoire though. 1 person liked this review.


    Quick review... WHAT THE HELL!!! Ha, it was pretty good, I liked The Witch better because it seemed more plausible in the era it was set in. Full of WTF's?!?! But a little to long. Without question the creepiest movie ever set in daylight, no doubt! 1 person liked this review.

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