Palm Royale 2024 / The costumes and camp almost make it worth it, but this 1960s period piece is too cheesy for its own good


Starring a knock-out cast of comediennes that include Carol Burnett, Laura Dern, Allison Janney, and Wiig, Palm Royale is a visual treat filled with a handful of memorable performances. But as funny as these women and as vibrant as these costumes are, the series never seems truly believable and lived in. It instead feels like a neverending comedy sketch—a parody of a melodrama, to be exact. Despite its tender moments, it’s difficult to feel sympathetic for characters who are played for laughs and laughs only. Look, I love Wiig as much as the next person who grew up watching seasons 31-37 of SNL, but the loudness of her performance can’t hide the fact that she can’t find her character’s core, which ultimately weakens the act. Wiig is usually excellent in dramatic roles, so this one comes as a surprise.

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