I Love That For You 2022 / An endearingly awkward comedy about one woman's dreams of entering the showbiz industry


If you’ve been following the bubbly personality that is Vanessa Bayer since her days in SNL, I Love That For You will come as a delight. It showcases the best of Bayer’s abilities, which is to induce both hilarious cringe and endearing awe, and it features an ensemble that comes with its own strengths. Comic vet and fellow SNL alum Molly Shannon surprisingly delivers much of the show’s emotional punch as she plays an aging host who longs to be seen as more than just the artificially happy persona she’s required to be. Meanwhile, Jenifer Lewis plays the CEO whose no-nonsense girlbossness adds a much-needed comic acidity to the humor. 

In a show that largely satirizes the oversized artifice and pomp of the sales and showbiz industry, it matters that the leads are weighty enough to ground us through their journey. That’s thankfully the case in I Love That For You, which amuses and affects in equal measure.

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