Grimsburg 2024 / Jon Hamm stars in this cooky adult cartoon that is too niche for its own good


Part Family Guy and part Gravity Falls, Grimsburg’s offbeat sensibility is nothing new to adult animation fans. It’s very much in line with other shows rooted in absurdist, pop-culture-based humor. But somehow Grimsburg feels more inaccessible and frenetic, which could be good if you’ve been wanting something niche and weird, but not ideal if you want to emotionally invest in a show long-term. Grimsburg is too busy churning out jokes and zingers that it fails to properly build its characters into people you’d root for and want to see more of. And it’s a shame, because, with more character-building and fine-tuning, I can see Grimsburg becoming a cult classic among cartoon fans. But as it is, it’s too loaded with jokes for its own good.

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