Big Girls Don’t Cry 2024 / A fun, though flimsy, depiction of life at an Indian all-girls boarding school


Overnight dormitories, uniforms, and clubs… Boarding school has a distinct subculture that few get to experience, oftentimes limited to the privileged and academically gifted. While the United Kingdom is best known for this style of education, plenty of its former colonies, such as India, also adopted the practice, and part of this experience is shown in Big Girls Don’t Cry (BGDC). It’s a familiar story, with new girl Kavya befriending the titular friend group, but BGDC is a bit scattered with its approach. Instead of establishing a strong protagonist in Kavya, or creating a dynamic somewhat like Mean Girls’ Cady and Regina, each of the seven girls in BGDC has their own plotline, has their own dilemma and conflict to deal with. It’s great to see how varied and interesting these teen concerns can be, but we wish BGDC allowed us to get to know each of them in a more natural pace, the same way Kavya would have gotten to know them.

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