Yoh! Christmas 2023 / A mature and well-observed South African romcom series with plenty of technical polish


With all the holiday-themed movies and shows that pop up on streaming at this time of year, it’s incredibly refreshing to find one that manages to make a formula work simply by being excellent at its fundamentals. With an eminently likable lead in Katlego Lebogang, Yoh! Christmas (which is based on Netflix’s own 2019 Norwegian series Home for Christmas) goes through all the heartbreak and the ridiculousness of app-driven dating in one’s thirties with real sincerity. Even if it takes Thando a good long while to find even just a decent match, the show never harbors any resentment towards its characters—grounding everything in its protagonist’s very real, complicated fears and insecurities. It’s an inviting, comforting watch that moves with a spring in its step and looks fantastic doing it.

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