1899 2022 / An ambitious multilingual mystery from the creators of sci-fi hit Dark


1899 is for viewers who love twisty big-budgeted shows in the vein of HBO’s Westworld and Amazon Prime’s Peripheral. It’s set in the titled year and follows migrants from all walks of life as they set sail for New York, the land of opportunity. There’s a priest from Spain, a couple from France, and a performer from China, all aboard a ship run by Danish sailors and a German captain. It’s a multilingual feat, but the twisty part arrives when they stop to help a steamship that’s been stranded for months. One horrific, mind-bending event follows another as they race to solve the mystery within the ship.

1899 comes from the creators of Dark, the German sci-fi hit that won critical acclaim for its originality and craftsmanship.

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