Marry My Dead Body (2023) 2023 / Slapstick and sentimentality repel each other and the viewer in this Taiwanese supernatural-crime-comedy


Fifteen minutes into Marry My Dead Body, it becomes clear where this supernatural crime dramedy is going; the only question is if the two-hour runtime is worth it. It has “don’t drop the soap” bits that will cause severe whiplash, and sporadic mentions of misogyny that are just as offensive. As an action film, there’s nothing notable or memorable about it, and as a drama, there isn’t enough emotional substance to overshadow the childish antics of our protagonists. If anything, Greg Hsu as Wu Ming-han and Austin Lin as Mao Pang-yu have a chemistry that somehow survives everything thrown its way. But don’t let curiosity get the better of you—as absurd as it sounds, the film isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds. 

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