Destination NBA: A G League Odyssey (2023) 2023 / These relatively unique perspectives on the basketball industry are obscured by a general lack of focus


It sounds like a great idea to a documentary on minor league basketball players. After all, these are individuals who don’t yet have their stories written for them by public opinion, and each of them is an underdog living in close proximity to their ultimate goal, but still not good enough to get there. So it does these men no favors that this film is so disjointed in its construction, and opts to go down the most predictable sports documentary route, asking them the usual questions and making out the G League to be purgatory. And while it’s good that these players—whose personalities still manage to shine through in the haze—are honest about their dissatisfaction with where they are, the film ends up becoming less an account of what the G League is like, and more an advertisement for the NBA all over again.

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