We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011, 2012 / Now On Amazon Prime


Adapted from the Lionel Shriver novel of the same name, We Need to Talk About Kevin is the story of a mother (Tilda Swinton) that never quite bonds with her child, but not by her choice. The son grows up to do a heinous act that begs the question: nature or nurture? This film is an uncompromising view on the development of an unloved child. Silent pain gets voice. Feelings are shown by actions not emotions in an authentic, comprehensible and aesthetic manner. Great work.


    Tilda Swinton is so perfect for the role of a depressed mother. The complexities in her relationship with her son is revealed through a sequence of flashbacks, perfectly distributed throughout the length of the movie. Overall, very exciting to watch, but also very depressing. 10/10 recommend. 2 people liked this review.

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