Under the Shadow 2016 / Now On Netflix


Horror movies have always been creepier to me when they play on our fear of the “unknown” rather than gore. Under The Shadow does exactly that. The story is based around the relationship of a woman, Shideh, and her daughter, Dorsa, under the backdrop of the Iran-Iraq war. As widespread bombings shake the ground beneath their feet, the two grapple with a more insidious evil that is faceless and traceless, coming and going only with the wind. The movie’s dread-effect plays strongly on feelings of isolation and helplessness. The scares are slow and it’s obvious the director takes great care in making every single second count and in raising the unpredictableness of the action. Like the bombs, the audience never knows when or how the next apparition will materialize. The former is always on the edge of fear, wondering what is no doubt there, but is yet to be shown on the frame. In terms of significance, Under The Shadow features too many symbolisms to count and will most likely resonate with each person differently. But one thing remains relatively unarguable: this is a wonderful movie.


    i just started watching the movie on netflix and this isn’t a review. i just thought it would be a good idea to let people know that netflix defaults to english dubs, but you can change the language to the original perisian and add english subtitles if you’re not a fan of dubs. 9 people liked this review.


    Thought it was great, 8/10, just a little incomplete, like in the end I felt it was only halfway through. 1 person liked this review.

    Karen Gormley

    I thought it was boring. Not a lot happening, a couple of creepy bits but the rest was dull. It could have been a great short film 0 people liked this review.

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