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Sometimes you can just tell a movie means way too much to the people who made it. That makes me want to watch it more than once, which is what I wanted to do with The Tale. But while I think it’s such an amazing movie and everyone should watch it, I don’t think I can stomach a second watch.. It is based on the director/writer Jennifer Fox’s own story – recounting her first sexual experience at a very young age. It’s about the stories we tell ourselves to deal with trauma, and in that sense, and with utmost honesty, it invites grief and closure for similar experiences. A powerful movie led by a powerful performance by Laura Dern as Jennifer.


    This movie angered me to no end. So, she's doing fine, respectively, and then her mother forces her memory due to her own guilt! Mothers are death and I'm speaking from a similar, horrid experience. And in the end, it doesn't matter! That's no where NEAR closure, she just scratched the surface! -1 people liked this review.

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