The Guilty 2018 / A minimalist, razor-sharp thriller that will have you gasping for air.


Before you press play on this movie, we highly recommend you take a few very deep breaths. This 2018 thriller is wound so tight, you will need the extra oxygen to get through it without fainting. In his directorial debut, Swedish-danish filmmaker Gustav Möller uses very little in terms of resources to create this breath-taking atmosphere. While The Guilty feels like it was made on a $100 million budget, all it physically brings to the table is one man in a dark room. It plays with our imagination instead of blinding it with special effects. Similarly, the plot is also short and sweet: a police officer is temporarily sent to do emergency dispatch, when he receives a call that turns an ordinary shift into a hell ride. This is all we are going to give away before you’ve completed your breathing exercises. The movie’s minimalist approach is held together by great acting from Jakob Cedergre, a screenplay to match, and incredible sound design. A real white-knuckle ride.


    damn that was a good ass movie 5 people liked this review.

    Ros Enriquez

    can you please give us a Danish movie that has a fantastic acting so that we can compare? 17 people liked this review.


    The movie makes best use of sound and little bit of our imagination to create a gripping thriller, mystery and emotion. 1 person liked this review.


    Amazing Ride! 1 person liked this review.

    Karthik Acharya

    yep! the review by the website is spot on! worth watching! 1 person liked this review.


    I'm Danish as is this movie, and I have to say: This is terrible acting. I watched and I couldn't believe it's on here. -8 people liked this review.

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