Subscriber-only title: Sing Street 2016 / Now On Netflix


In 1980s Dublin, a young Irish catholic-school boy, whose family is facing financial problems starts his own band with the sole objective of impressing a mysterious femme fatale. The film takes you on a beautiful and witty journey through the band’s path to success and our protagonist’s quest in conquering his love all to the rhythm of some of the biggest 80’s pop-rock hits and the band’s own original soundtrack. Without a doubt this film is the long awaited passion project of filmmaker John Carney (Once, Begin Again).


    Ireland in recession paired with this shiny bliss of the 80s vibe creates a beautiful setting. A duo such as Paul and John, and of course the band with some really carelessly dressed individuals complete the film. And of course the girl. Gosh, there's so many outstanding things in it... 1 person liked this review.


    The movie starts off great. Love the setting; new, fresh and different. The whole movie kind of turns around somewhere in the middle, when it all turns into a sort of Disney-like ending. Such a shame. -3 people liked this review.

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