Unicorn Academy 2023 / Ambitiously grand for a children's fantasy series, but confused and muddled in its storytelling


While it certainly has a gorgeous world to show off, with lots of colorful art direction and varied landscapes to explore, Unicorn Academy can’t help but buckle under its own weight. Its first couple of episodes (starting with a feature-length premiere) want to establish fun relationships between its characters; set up an epic, world-ending conflict; reflect on its protagonist’s grief; and sell merchandise all at once. But the show is both too aimless with its writing and too sluggish in its pacing to allow these disparate parts to cohere under a unified tone. It constantly feels like it’s having trouble deciding what to be—which isn’t helped by the fact that the first episode has two, awkwardly-placed musical numbers, and the second episode features no singing whatsoever.

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