Tires 2024 / It has its moments, but this sitcom starring Shane Gillis is too flat to be funny or interesting


There’s something about Tires’ simplicity that can feel endearing, especially at a time when there are too many shows to keep up with. With its 20-minute runtime and almost nonexistent premise, it doesn’t ask too much from you, just that you hear out its jokes. But if only those jokes were good, and if only the characters had more to work with than what they’re given, then maybe Tires could actually be worthwhile. As it is, the humor is too juvenile, the characters too underwritten, and the plot too thin to be interesting. There is no friction nor conflict, just vibes, which makes Tires a pretty good background show to put on if you’re doing something else. But not one that’s satisfying enough to focus on and follow.

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