The Tailor 2023 / A gripping Turkish Netflix drama undone by too much focus on its steamy romance


Even though the first season premiered this May, a second season was immediately produced for the Turkish Netflix series The Tailor and released this July. The series shines when focused on the clothes – the rock-n-roll rush of fashion week, the classically orchestrated imagined new creation, and the steamy blindfolded bridal fitting are lush spectacles that make the show look so stunning. And as the abused Esvet cares for Peyami’s father, the equally abused Mustafa, there’s an interesting theme of wealthy families that would do anything to cloak any secrets that would ruin their family’s reputation. However, it’s the clumsy handling of Mustafa’s illness and the inaccurate casting that drag the story down. The Tailor replaced nuanced depictions with too much stylish spectacle.

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