The Regime 2024 / Kate Winslet is entertaining in this otherwise shallow parody of an authoritarian regime


Between The Regime’s star-studded cast, HBO-backed budget, gorgeous Vienna backdrops, and well-known producers and writers (some of the same people behind The Menu and The Crown), The Regime seems like a show that couldn’t fail. And yet, there’s something shallow about the series’ attempts at parody. It’s not as smartly observed as Succession, or as immediately funny as Veep. It’s a reflection of dictators, sure, but it says nothing more about them other than the obvious: that they’re awful. Bizarrely, they’re even painted as sympathetic at times. For those of us outside the confines of democracies like the US, the real world is bad enough without shows like The Regime making light of our dire situation. This isn’t to say that satires are inherently bad, just that they’re expected to be sharper and bolder if they truly want to pierce the privileged bubbles of their viewers and mean something.

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