The Night Of 2016 / A feat of suspense


An HBO show that’s almost too suspenseful to watch. It stars Riz Ahmed as a kid who steals his father’s cab to go to a party, only to later find himself tangled up in a crime. Everything leading up to his arrest, while not necessarily indicative of anything criminal, boasts cut-throat suspense. And that’s the magic of this show, it’s taking familiar crime story arcs, adding flawless acting and incredible writing, and perfecting the thrills. You’ll want to binge this show but, if your anything like me, your heart might not be able to take it.


    THIS - incredible story. It's like a much much better series of True Detective that keeps you guessing the entire time. You know he didn't do it, but then again..... Riz Ahmed is a very talented actor and I highly recommend this. I watched it in real time so I couldn't binge but I actually think it was better to watch it that way. 1 person liked this review.

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