The Last Movie Stars 2022 / A beautiful ode to Hollywood’s most durable couple


“My father took me to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and from that day forward, the movies have been the church of my choice.” So begins The Last Movie Stars, a documentary following the lives of Hollywood legends and inseparable sweethearts Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward—written, narrated, and directed by Ethan Hawke.

The six-part docuseries is as much a story of Hawke and his love for cinema as it is of Newman and Woodward. It may sound indulgent to some viewers, but the series is all the richer for it. Hearing Hawke talk about his love for this couple is like hearing your good friend fanboy over his ultimate idols—the sheer giddiness is simply irresistible.

Hawke brings together a star-studded cast to read long-forgotten interviews (George Clooney plays Newman and Laura Linney plays Woodward), and the result is a delightful, nostalgic ode to Hollywood’s most unforgettable couple.

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