The Flatshare 2022 / It can be predictable, but this romantic comedy is grounded by relatable troubles and charming performances


A few minutes in, it’s easy to dismiss The Flatshare as typical romcom fare. It’s brimming with cliches and cutesy flairs, plus the premise sounds like a contrived way to set up a “Will they or won’t they?” romance. But as it goes along, The Flatshare carves depths to its seemingly simple story. The timeshare aspect speaks to the growing housing insecurity in the UK, where even a materialistic girl like Tiffany is pushed to share a flat. Meanwhile, her disturbing relationship with her ex is an accurate portrayal of how innocuous abuse can seem to outsiders. And of course, there is the unjust incarceration of Leon’s brother, which the show sensitively handles. The Flatshare has a darkness to it that can slip away if you focus too much on its romcom sheen, but if you can appreciate both, then the show comes as a welcome surprise, one that’s equal parts serious and sweet.

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