The Andy Warhol Diaries 2022 / A rare inside look at the private life of an icon


Because of his wide fame and influence, it’s easy to forget that Andy Warhol was actually a very private person. The pop artist only revealed his innermost thoughts in his diaries, and now those diaries have come to life in this Netflix docuseries from TV magnate Ryan Murphy. 

Through the magic of AI, Murphy recreates Warhol’s voice and uses it to narrate his diary entries as photos, reenactments, and archival footage play on screen. There are also interviews with celebrities to fill in the gaps, although they’re not enchanting as Warhol’s own thoughts.

Each episode runs for almost an hour, so it does take some time to go through. But if you’re willing to learn more about the man behind the iconic wig (and the 1960s art and gay scene in general), then The Andy Warhol Diaries comes highly recommended.

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