Spacey Unmasked 2024 / An important exposé that is unfortunately buried under weak editing choices


Years after the #MeToo movement began, a lot of things remain confounding about Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault case, partly because he has always been a private man, and partly because not a lot of light has been shone on his victims. The most prominent victim, actor Anthony Rapp, sued Spacey for sexual misconduct, but his case was one of many that was ultimately dismissed. This makes the two-part documentary Spacey Unmasked an important and illuminating watch. It gathers 10 testimonies across 50 years and effectively establishes a pattern of Spacey’s abusive behavior. Along with platforming the victims, it also opens conversations about male sexual assault and how it intersects with gender and sexuality, which gives the documentary more layers than expected. I only wish the filmmakers spent more time weaving this tale into a more cohesive one, with less repetitive takes and bolder stylistic choices. It’s urgent viewing to be sure, but the filmmakers aren’t doing the victims any favors by editing them in this simplistic manner.

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