Shrill 2019, 2020, 2021 / There’s big fun to be found in this charmingly complex show about a plus-sized woman finding her worth.


It’s no fun being plus-sized—or at least, that’s the message that we get everywhere, from tragic documentaries to self-help articles to shows that make weight the butt of every joke. Fat people are often perceived as inactive and sad and stubborn when those aren’t mutually exclusive with one’s size. In fact, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being big. 

In Shrill, our plus-sized hero Annie (played by the lovable Aidy Bryant) knocks down all those lazy myths with her sharp wit and buoyant charm. She goes on everyday adventures that prove she can be just as delightful (and exasperating) as any witty millennial writer trying to make it big in her city. Annie isn’t perfect, but the fun lies in seeing her grow (not transform) into a better person.

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