Reporting for Duty 2023 / An endearingly silly Brazilian sitcom that follows a police chief and his squad of misfits


Reporting for Duty is a delightfully chaotic workplace comedy that seeks nothing more than to entertain, and it fulfills this mission by packing each of its 30-minute episodes with lovable characters and silly plotlines. This alone makes it worth the watch, but it has layers to it that give it more heart and nuance than you’d initially expect. For instance, both the show and the precinct are led by the soft-hearted Suzano (Leandro Hassum), who proves to his team that you don’t always have to be tough and violent to get results. His presence also inspires the precinct to adopt a wider perspective and appreciate life outside the grind-and-hustle culture expected of them. To be sure, Reporting for Duty is a breezy, lighthearted watch, but I appreciate the underlying ideas that fortify its comedy.

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