Platonic 2023 / A funny and fresh take on the age-old “will they or won’t they?” dilemma


It’s one of the oldest problems in the history of mankind: can men and women be friends? Romantic comedies, since their inception, have tried to answer this question in various quirky ways, and almost always, the answer is a resounding no. The two leads must end up together because the chemistry is too strong, and besides, love can only end in romance. Right? Platonic is one of a handful of shows that knows there’s no straightforward answer to that question. It’s thoughtful and nuanced as it subverts rom-com expectations and refuses to rush into a template happy ending. Even more impressive is the fact that it gives us a hefty dose of reality while still being light-hearted, funny, and charming. Whether that’s thanks to the easy chemistry between Sylvia and Will (played by longtime collaborators Rose Bryne and Seth Rogen) or to the refreshing experience of having a familiar dilemma be treated with newfound profundity, there’s no doubt that Platonic puts a fresh new spin on the genre.

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