Pact of Silence 2023 / An abandoned child has convoluted revenge plots for the mother that left her in this Mexican mystery telenovela


Many telenovelas involve unresolved parentage, and Pact of Silence is no different. However, unlike other orphans, the child in this Mexican series is now out for revenge. Through 18 episodes, social media influencer Brenda hopes to take revenge on the mother who abandoned her, and the three friends that helped her. The show is fast paced, both through Brenda’s present investigation and through the flashbacks of the people she’s suspecting, yet it still manages to keep up the suspense with its twists and turns. However, it seems like the show is more interested in learning more about the privileged women, rather than in the struggle Brenda has gone through. While the show tries to uncover the mystery of Brenda’s parents, it’s hard to say whether or not the show will delve deep into Brenda, and actually tackle why she wants to go through revenge.

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