One Piece 2023 / An earnest adaptation that will delight fans and newcomers alike


It comes on strong—as fantastical as a fantasy can get—but One Piece is a thoughtful and full-hearted adaptation that bides its time in building a big and bountiful world. The characters are bright and animated, easily matching the magical place they’re in. The action and adventure are thrilling, even though they’re occasionally hampered by some CGI snafus. And the story is epic; it stretches out to the ocean’s deepest depths, where we join Luffy in meeting all sorts of interesting characters. I admit, as a newcomer to One Piece, I did initially find the series a bit cartoonish for my taste, but I was eventually won over by its unapologetic epicness and theatrics. If I found it as delightful as it was, I’m sure fans will find even more to love. 

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