Subscriber-only title: Maron 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 / Big-time podcaster and seasoned stand-up comedian, Marc Maron, plays a fictionalized version of himself.


Maron, the character, and in many ways, a past version of himself, is a recovering alcoholic who abuses coffee in the constant state of chase after a buzz. He is divorced, bitter, yet weirdly kind – and always trying to be a better version of himself and failing. He does so in a type of Curb-your-Enthusiasm-style. Based on his trademark monologues, the series is about his attempt at human relationships, both romantic and other, after a bad history that spans from a negligent, self-centered mother to bad eating habits and self-shame. Saying Maron features a slew of guest stars may almost be an understatement. In addition to some consummate actors like Ron Perlman or Elliot Gould, Maron’s list of guests is like a who’s who of contemporary American comedy: Pete Holmes, Johnny Knoxville, Bill Burr, David Cross, Whitney Cummings, Adam Scott, Sarah Silverman Joey Diaz, Conan O’Brien, Anthony Jeselnik. Note that this is only a fraction of the full list. For anyone who enjoys Marc Maron’s comedy, this is a special treat. Casual viewers will also enjoy the sophisticated humor, sharp script, and Maron’s cranky delivery.

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