The Half of It 2020 / An atmospheric romance that starts with “this is not a love story"


This lovely romance is about Ellie, a straight-A student who takes money from a classmate, Paul, to write love letters for him. Ellie does this to help with the household bills but there is one big problem: the girl Paul is in love with is also the girl Ellie has a crush on.

This might seem like the set-up for a standard Netflix comedy (and if you’re thinking Bergerac, you’re right, it is based on the famous play) but as the introduction of the film reads: “This is not a love story … not one where anyone gets what they want.”

It is in fact, personal work from a brilliant and quality-focused director, Alice Wu. Her last movie, Saving Face, a pioneering lesbian romance set in an Asian American context, was released a long 15 years ago.


    A great romance. Beautifully scripted and acting was top-notch, thanks to the team for suggesting this epic classic :). 1 person liked this review.


    This was a good one. I love all stories where any of the main characters is a cyclist. An easy watch. 5/5 would recommend. -1 people liked this review.

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