Lucky Hank 2023 / Bob Odenkirk plays a smart fool in this bittersweet literary comedy


Like some of his best roles, Bob Odenkirk plays the unlikeable but relatable lead in titular Lucky Hank. He’s a celebrated writer, but hasn’t written for years. He’s the head of the literary department, but works for an underfunded college in the middle of nowhere. He’s constantly judging other people’s lives while hating his own, no matter how good it seems to outsiders. In other words, he’s a smart fool who gets in the way of his own success and happiness, and with the right actor (which Odenkirk most certainly is), those types are always fun to watch. Bleak and dry, but fun nonetheless. And thankfully, despite what the title suggests, Lucky Hank isn’t a sole character study but a wonderfully packed ensemble dramedy. We’re just as privy to Hank’s life as we are to his academic colleagues, students, and family, who all speak to the realness of working in academic spaces.

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