Ishura 2024 / Heroes fight heroes in this fantasy battle royale anime


Fantasy shows usually follow one hero into their quest, but the newest isekai anime on Hulu has plenty of them, and instead of straightforward awe, the people they save hold unexpected emotions to the power they wield. Ishura starts with this– its first few episodes are dedicated to introducing each hero, or Shura, that would fight against each other, and possibly take over the world. Through this approach, Ishura has plenty of spectacular action, as each of the heroes have to prove themselves somehow, and has plenty of fantastical powers that look great on-screen, even when the CGI sometimes falters in certain moments. It’s a wild ride, and some deaths can certainly be brutal for some viewers, but it’s an interesting approach in building a fantasy world that values strength above all else. Ishura is a great start to fantasy anime this year, if you can stomach the gore.

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