Heart of Invictus 2023 / It’s urgent and it means well, but this documentary struggles to distinguish itself from many that came before it


It’s hard not to be struck by the inspiring stories of the six soldier-athletes we follow in Heart of Invictus. Many have lost limbs, most suffer from PTSD, and even others, like Ukrainian medic Yulia Paievska, are still active-duty and on the frontlines of war. They recall stories from their troubled past and uplifting present, and claim that opportunities like the Invictus Games allow them to heal and feel a sense of their former selves. As the co-founder of the games, Prince Harry’s testimonies can seem like fluff at times, but his sincerity pierces through and lends the docuseries an authentic feel. All is well on the material front, but Heart of Invictus wobbles in the technical details. The editing isn’t as smooth as it can be, the footage can feel generic, and the filmmakers can’t seem to establish an identifiable style. 

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