George & Tammy 2022 / Iconic country singers are given their due in this superb biopic that documents their careers, love affairs, and everything in between


Country music fans, rejoice: iconic musical duo Tammy Wynette and George Jones are given their due in George & Tammy, a six-episode musical drama that follows the eponymous couple amid their successful careers and not-so-successful love affair. 

Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain play George and Tammy respectively, and if you watch the series for one reason, let it be for their superb performances. Chastain, ever the chameleon, slinks into her role with ease and charm, while Shannon booms in every scene, his volatility making for an exciting watch. If you aren’t familiar with the power couple and their torrid affair, a quick Google search will reveal that they’ve led very full lives, to put it mildly, and Shannon and Chastain thankfully match that energy with their own charged turns. 

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