Furies 2024 / A stylish and action-packed French drama reminiscent of John Wick


Like John Wick before it, Furies follows a vengeful and near-invincible (albeit rookie) assassin as she infiltrates the criminal underworld and avenges a murdered loved one. There are other similarities too, like the lofty codenames and the intricately choreographed action sequences, but otherwise, Furies is its own solid thing. Owing to its format, it has more melodrama and plot twists, and has a lot more room to flesh out its main character, Lyna. It’s also more of a team effort than a solo show since, as the name suggests, Furies is more of a team, a family even. It can get cliche at times, and my main gripe is that Lyna gets too good at her combat skills too fast, but if you can overlook those details, then Furies is wholly enjoyable: gritty, stylish, fast-paced, and most importantly, action-packed.

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