Escaping Twin Flames 2023 / An online dating cult is put on the forefront in this revealing three-part documentary


Released just a few weeks after Amazon Prime’s three-parter on the same subject, Netflix’s Escaping Twin Flames focuses on the victims of the cult, their recovery, and how some of them are making amends for the harmful things they’ve done while part of the cult. Director Cecilia Peck is a careful storyteller, balancing cold hard facts with heavy emotion so that the overall tone is respectful and never overly sentimental or sensational. Notably, Peck doesn’t shine too much light on the perpetrators themselves, Jeff and Shaleia Ayan, but this leaves plenty of room for the victims to share their manifold stories. The three hours pass by swiftly, and the build-up to its heartbreaking end feels very much earned. 

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