Elsbeth 2024 / Set in New York with an irresistibly charming lead, this spin-off from The Good Wife makes for a simple but entertaining watch


In a sea of self-serious legal dramas and police procedurals, The Good Wife spin-off Elsbeth stands out for its quirky and delightfully sunny approach. Like Columbo or (more recently) Poker Face before it, it reveals the killer right at the start. And since the hook is knowing how the crime is solved, not who does it, Elsbeth is the perfect guide to take us through the end. She’s giddy but intelligent, wide-eyed but perceptive. Though the rest of the cast’s acting is just network TV-good, Preston herself and the many guest stars are consistently stellar and a blast to watch. The writing and overall acting could be better, but it’s worth watching for Elsbeth’s magnetic presence.

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