Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal 2024 / More of a reiteration than an exposé, this documentary fails to shed new light on a well-known albeit still intriguing scandal


If you’re not familiar with the Ashley Madison scandal like me, then this series—at least initially—comes as a highly addictive watch. Of course you’ll want to know how a dating site promoting infidelity was created, used by millions, and eventually hacked. Who wouldn’t? But the intrigue quickly fades once you realize it’s coming from the subject matter alone. The documentary itself adds little to the discussion. There are no new discoveries to be had and no new angles to look at it from. It could’ve gone philosophical or sociological and looked deeper into why people craved discreet relationships and affairs in the first place. Or it could’ve gone technical and explored the business development side of the story more. It also could’ve conducted its own investigation of the data breach, if not to know who was behind it, then to get closer to cracking the case at least. But as it stands, this Netflix series is just a mere retelling of a Wikipedia page that only occasionally grips you.

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