ARA San Juan: The Submarine that Disappeared 2024 / An overlong docuseries about a missing Argentine submarine that often gets lost in its own murky waters


There is nothing in this Netflix docuseries about the disappearance of the ARA San Juan that you can’t read or watch anywhere else on the internet. The case itself is interesting, brimming with political controversy and engineering lessons to be learned, but the series’ narrative structure and editing are so formulaic and dull that they fail to bring justice to the promising premise. The flow is rocky, the build-up is missing, and the focus is scattered, so much so that a two-hour story, at best, has unnecessarily expanded itself into eight episodes. It’s not that the filmmakers have so much to say, it’s that they don’t know how to say it. If we can learn anything from this docuseries, it’s that any story no matter how big or small will suffer from a lack of direction and vision.

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