Alpha Males 2022 / Surprisingly inoffensive but nonetheless hilarious, this series about the battle of the sexes is proof comedy can be found even in the thorniest of subjects


Reading the synopsis of this ten-episode comedy series might put you off at first. It follows four male friends who navigate a world where women now seem to have the upper hand, or at least that’s what it looks like from their point of view. Thankfully, that view is increasingly challenged and sometimes even deconstructed throughout the show’s run. Their female partners and counterparts flip the coin to reveal the other side of whatever they’re going through, so without ever feeling too preachy, Alpha Males presents the Battle of the Sexes in a surprisingly fair, insightful, and lighthearted way.

Raunchy without being too offensive (for the most part), Alpha Males is proof that you can still tackle sensitive topics without sacrificing comic fun and good humor.

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