6ixtynin9 the Series 2023 / A thriller adaptation with more blood, mishaps, and victims


Following the 1999 film, 6ixtynin9: the Series is an unexpected adaptation about the unexpected package. The loss of the package drives the violence of the film, as gang members tries to recover the money, and as protagonist Toom tries to survive. This is despite the package being easily replaceable by the original sender. In turning the movie into a show, the story expands to a whole set of characters in Toom’s apartment building, as well as a whole set of potential victims. Additionally, in bringing the late 90s plot into the post-pandemic world – a world with mass layoffs, government incompetence, and democracy protests, 6ixtynin9 feels cathartic. The series captures that sense of pure survival we’ve been facing these past few years.

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