Mommy 2014 / Aiming straight for the heart while punching you in the guts, Mommy is a crazy chamber piece about a widowed mother and her next-door neighbor bringing up a savage teenager


Aptly named ‘Rupert Grint on speed’ by one critic, Antoine-Olivier Pilon plays Steve, an abusive ADHD adolescent who just got out of a juvenile care facility for setting fire to the school cafeteria and injuring a fellow student. Similarly, his mother Diane, played by Anne Dorval, is a type of Lorelai Gilmore on speed – and to say that sparks fly when they clash is an understatement. But help comes from unexpected places: ‘Die’ makes friends with Kyla, an anxious teacher living across the street, who then gets sucked into this crazy, volcanic mess.

Mommy is the fifth feature film by French-Canadian don’t-call-him-a-hipster director Xavier Dolan and won the Cannes Jury Prize for its originality. It is shot in the 1:1 ‘portrait’ format, but every now and then a moment of exhilaration will crack open the frame. The brutality on screen is sugar-coated by an all-over-the-place soundtrack that includes the Counting Crows, Celine Dion, and Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65.

Shrill, violent, and demented, this out-of-control dark comedy will punch you in the guts. But it also aims straight for the heart and doesn’t miss. Prepare to be continually torn between laughing out loud, clawing your seat, and covering your mouth in shock.


    This is not a simple's most of the time as complex as life itself and it is beautiful.. 6 people liked this review.


    If you still haven't watched this movie...please watch wont regret it 2 people liked this review.

    El Beckero

    I like it and for some reason I wasn't expecting to like it, I thought at much it would entertain me but it left much more in me, it touched me emotionally. Is a good movie, I recommend it. 8/10 1 person liked this review.


    I can't get myself to watch this movie because of the aspect ratio. It really bothers me. 0 people liked this review.


    Excellent -1 people liked this review.

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