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Lion is the award-sweeping movie based on the true story of a kid in India who gets lost in a train and suddenly finds himself thousands of kilometers away from home. 25 years later, after being adopted by an Australian couple, he embarks on a journey through his memory and across continents to reconnect with his lost family. Dev Patel plays Saroo, and Nicole Kidman plays his Australian adoptive mother. Two truly amazing performances that will transport you to the time and place of the events, as well as its emotions spanning tear-jerking moments and pure joy. An uplifting, meaningful, and beautiful movie.


    A truly fantastic movie for everyone - the aesthetics are beautiful and the story mesmerizing. I could watch it 100 times! 2 people liked this review.


    Outstanding acting by the young boy (Sunny Pawar)! This is a great film that honestly brought me to tears. What a amazing story. 1 person liked this review.


    I wouldn't necessarily disagree with anyone who says that this was perhaps a little bit too "feel-good", but it truely is an amazing achievement. The performance by Dev Patel is out of this world. 1 person liked this review.

    Nancy Mcreynolds-Swarthout

    Astounding movie. Put on the closed captioning so you can understand what Saroo the little boy is saying. 0 people liked this review.

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