The Wolf's Call 2019 / Not quite Hollywood but still an enjoyable action movie


A thrilling French movie about a nuclear submarine division that is confronted with a world-ending scenario.

One sonar agent is at the center of the story, his exceptional hearing capabilities are the main resource of the submarine commanders he works for (one of whom is played by the masterful Reda Kateb).

Wolf’s Call tries very hard to be a Hollywood movie, but even if it serves as a reminder that countries like France don’t have to always make arthouse films to be noticed, the visual effects and the writing fall short of that big-budget feel.

Still, if you’re looking for a fun movie that’s full of surprises, solid acting, and a great heroism tale, you’ll love this.


    The first sentence of the above review sums it up perfectly. What I liked best about this movie was that it gave a different perspective into a military thriller other than an American or Russian point of view. 3 people liked this review.

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