What Will People Say 2018 / An upsetting but important story of double identity and conservative family pressures


Nisha, the daughter of conservative Pakistani immigrants in Oslo, finds ways to secretly go out with her Norwegian friends. She goes to parties, plays basketball, and dates.

One day, Nisha’s father catches her with a boy, bringing what he perceives as a great shame to the family. Nisha’s delicate balance is broken, and her family acts drastically: without telling her about their plans, they move her to Pakistan.

What Will People Say is based on its director and writer Iram Haq’s own experience being kidnapped to Pakistan and going back to Norway at age 16.


    Do yourselves a favor, and watch this as soon as possible. No movie in 2019/2020 has come close the emotional rollercoaster that is this masterpiece by Iram Haq. 1 person liked this review.

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