The Young Offenders 2016 / The perfect Irish comedy


The Young Offenders is a comedy about two Irish teenagers who go on a 160km bicycle trip to salvage 7 million euros worth of lost cocaine. As they sit on a hill overlooking their city, they imagine what they would do with that money. The answer is building a house that has lava lamps, “big gold walls”, Spanish girls, and an English butler to wake them up every morning with the phrase “what’s happenin’?”. You get the vibe. It’s is a silly movie, although the premise is actually based on a real-life event where cocaine from a capsized smuggling boat washed up on the Irish coast. The Young Offenders wears its heart on its sleeve. It’s a sweet funny movie, half slapstick and half plot, which sports an infinity of highly quotable one-liners.


    Well, aren't you the clever one. 4 people liked this review.

    Jon S

    I'm not having any problem understanding what they're saying. Subtitles are only needed for mayo-American leftists from coastal USA cities. -11 people liked this review.


    I couldn't really understand what they are saying... subtitles might be needed for North Americans. -1 people liked this review.

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